June 29th, 2017

Gavin Randle: solo musician, session player and tutor

Gavin playing saxaphone available to play at festivals, parties, events and weddings

Gavin playing sax

June 29th, 2017

I'm playing out on the streets of Plymouth and Exeter pretty often - the people and the weather are generous - it's odd how the streets of Plymouth can seem a bit of a challenge on wet, windy days... Exeter has more sheltered busking spots (and Herbies is good for lunch!). I still busk in Plymouth, though, and now have a third CD for sale, with a slightly cheeky title, comprised of tracks I've been playing in the last year. If you would like a copy, please drop me an email.

I have a few events lined up for the summer and look forward to getting more bookings as the summer comes on - live sax-playing or classical flute pieces to accompany a wedding? That's romantic! Parties, civil ceremonies, surprising the love of your life? I am happy to play and can learn particular tracks, if there is a tune that is especially significant in your life.

Well, the weather looks rainy again tomorrow, so Exeter might not be a destination this week. Chance to read up on modality and practise all those scales, maybe... so, until the next time... Gx