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Comment from: booboo [Visitor]

I have seen you playing in the street in Plymouth many times and heard from a friend at Uni about Timo’s party gis and that you’d be there. I have often thought you are a pretty good player and entertaining sopopped into Breadand Roses the other night, Sunday.

Sadlu you seemed a bit off and the crowd you were playing with was more that a bit crap. I had to leave as I felt embarrased at my poor lack of judgment.

I probably won’t got to the Calstock gig, especially if you have those morons in checked shirts and that arrogant lefthanded guitar tinker or should that be wanker.

I hope you didn’t let the idea of earing a few quid steer you into such playing with such decrepit cronnies.

I look out for you round Plymouth and may even throw you a penny if you are that desperate.

Jazz it up a bit don’t put yourself down.


15/09/14 @ 23:28